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mother. friggin’. space. man.

And some people still think we’re alone here


just think about this for a second, its mind-blowing

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Blood moon

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1993 MTV Video Music Awards: The night’s biggest winner was Pearl Jam, whose video for “Jeremy" earned four awards that night, including Video of the Year. 

"Hey everybody, this is Trevor, he lives. No, I mean, I guess you gotta say thanks. No, the real shit is, I mean, I don’t, if it weren’t for music, I think I would’ve shot myself in the front of the classroom, you know? It really is what kept me alive, so this is kind of full circle. So to the power of music, you know? Thanks!"

"You know that R.E.M song? You know? That’s all about what I was talking about. Trying to stay alive through the crap, you know? Maybe music is the one thing that keeps you alive or something, you know? It’s like you should probably thank, you know? I would thank Pete Townshend, I would thank Henry Rollins and Ian from Fugazi. I’d thank all these people for giving me, you know? Something to live for, you know? A reason cuz life can, you know? This modern world, it can be kinda crazy, kinda fucked up, make you wanna kill yourself. I relate to that, you know? But you know, cuz music, you kmow saved my soul."

- Eddie Vedder talking about music in his acceptance speech and an interview after the show.

(Thank you Eddie)

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Eddie Vedder Melkweg Amsterdam februari ‘92


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"I never felt like giving up. You know, I think I was writing songs days later probably, you know, playing my guitar and still just going. I love playing my guitar."

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“Hey Phil, what’s your favorite color?”

“Hey Phil, what’s your favorite color?”

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Foggy Morning in Grand Teton National Park ➾ Luke Gram


Foggy Morning in Grand Teton National Park ➾ Luke Gram
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Pearl Jam | Wash, 1992.

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By Nico


By Nico

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